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Advanced Carbon Fiber & Composite Materials

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More Than 40 Years of Experience
In Business since 1999


Allcomp develops and applies carbon-based materials and carbon-fiber reinforced carbon (Carbon-Carbon or C-C) and ceramic matrix composites (CMC) for advanced applications in both commercial and defense markets.
Allcomp develops innovative and integrated solutions to complex problems using advanced light-weight, higher-performance and affordable materials.
Allcomp, working with customers interactively, designs and fabricates prototypes for selected applications. Allcomp also assists our customers to further optimize the materials and designs leading toward successful qualification and production. Our products have enabled our customers to achieve many critical advances in the development of cutting-edge technologies and applications.

About Us

Allcomp provides technical expertise in both areas of innovative material development and advanced product design. Since its founding in 1999, Allcomp has demonstrated its ability to develop and optimize material systems for advanced applications. Allcomp also has established in-house manufacturing capability supplemented by external alliances to produce large size prototypes and products using the best processing technologies for both commercial and defense programs. Allcomp has passed rigid quality auditing and is approved by our customers to produce flight hardware.

Allcomp focuses our efforts on designing and fabricating prototype hardware using advanced carbon-based materials and carbon-fiber reinforced composites for performance demonstration, material & design optimization, and product qualification. As part of our continuous efforts to develop new and improved materials, Allcomp also conducts fundamental and applied researches in the areas of carbon foam, graphene and nano-technology.