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Carbon-based Materials Carbon Foam for Structural and Thermal Applications
  1. Stable and Light Weight Thermal Structure, e.g. ATLAS at CERN
  2. Advanced Heat Exchanger, e.g. Liquid Cooler, PCM Enhanced Thermal Energy Storage
Carbon Fiber Preforms Needled Carbon Fiber Preforms for Structural,  Thermal and Frictional Applications
  1. Low-Cost Pseudo-3D Preforms for Hot Component and Structure where Interlaminar Strengths are Critical
Fiber Interface Coating CVD Carbon Interface Coating for Advanced Ceramic Matrix Composites (CMC) Applications
  1. Interface Coating on both 2D Fabric and 3D Preforms for Enhanced Properties
Oxidation Protection Coating Advanced Oxidation Protection Systems for Advanced Applications
  1. Applications where short term or long term oxidation protections under various environments is required
Carbon-Fiber Reinforced Composites Carbon Fiber Reinforced 2D and 3D Ceramic Matrix Composites (CMC), including Carbon and Silicon Carbide Matrices and others.
  1. High Temperature Affordable Structural Component for Commercial Applications replacing Graphite
  2. Ion Grids and Structure
  3. Composite Bearing Retainer 
  4. High Performance Brake and Clutch
  5. Thermal Management using High Conductivity Composites 
  6. Advanced Thermal & Structural Applications
    Hot Component/ Structure
    Thermal Protection
    Leading Edge/ Acreage Structure
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