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Information for External Providers

Conforms with 8.4.3 of AS9100 D


Standard remarks apply on all Allcomp purchase Orders unless otherwise noted.


It is the suppliers responsibility to understand, implement and comply with all quality clauses imposed by Allcomp purchase orders at the time of acceptance by supplier. If the supplier has questions, please refer them to their Allcomp purchaser.


·         The need to :

o   Implement a quality management system

o   Use customer-designated or approved external providers, including process sources (e.g., special processes)

o   Supplier shall notify Allcomp regarding any nonconforming product, as well as any and all changes in the manufacture of that product and obtain Allcomp approval for nonconforming product disposition.

o   Supplier shall have a counterfeit parts prevention program in place. No counterfeit parts will be accepted by Allcomp.

o   Supplier shall notify Allcomp of changes in product or process definition, including changes of their external providers.

o   Supplier shall ensure proper Flow down to the supply chain all applicable customer requirements

o   Certification of Conformance is required for all raw materials, calibration services, and calibrated tools purchased

o   As required by customer contract or regulatory requirements, quality records shall be made readily available for review by the requesting authority. Supplier shall not release confidential information to an unauthorized party. Record retention shall be 10 years unless otherwise noted.

·         Allcomp reserves the right to inspect parts to be manufactured under this purchase order at vendor's facility to ensure part quality as deemed necessary by Allcomp.

·         Supplier shall ensure that persons are aware of:

o   Their contribution to product or service conformity

o   Their contribution to product safety

o   The importance of ethical behavior.

·         ITAR, where applicable. You must comply with will all import/export control laws and regulations including, but not limited to, EAR and ITAR to the extent applicable to the respective activities under the PO.